Are you on the lookout for a smart TV that can operate on a 12-volt power supply? If so, you’re not alone. People who enjoy spending time in their RVs or boats or those who simply want a low-voltage option for their entertainment system will find this type of television set beneficial.

But what is a 12-volt smart TV, and what features does it offer? Let’s delve into the details.

What is a 12-volt Smart TV?

As the name implies, 12-volt smart TVs are televisions designed to operate on 12-volt electrical systems. This makes them ideal for use in RVs, boats, and other vehicles that operate on batteries. The TV sets can operate on AC power as well but come with a converter to convert the AC power to 12-volt DC power.

12-volt smart TVs come with various features you would expect from a typical smart TV. They feature Wi-Fi connectivity and can stream content from apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Additionally, they often come equipped with HDMI, USB, and Ethernet ports, as well as a built-in DVD player.

Benefits of a 12-volt Smart TV

The main advantage of a 12-volt smart TV is that it offers entertainment options for individuals on the go. Since it operates on low voltage, you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies without worrying about draining your batteries.

Besides, 12-volt smart TVs are typically lightweight and come in small sizes, making them easy to transport and install in small spaces like an RV or boat cabin.

Choosing the Best 12-volt Smart TV

When shopping for a 12-volt smart TV, you’ll want to consider several factors to ensure you get the right set for your needs.

First, consider the size of the TV. Smaller screens are ideal for those with limited space, but if you have ample room, you might prefer a larger screen size.

Additionally, look for TVs with a range of inputs and outputs, including HDMI, USB, and Ethernet ports. This will allow you to connect multiple devices to your TV and access various entertainment options.

Finally, consider the TV’s brand and its features. Look for trusted brands that offer quality pictures and sound as well as useful features like Wi-Fi connectivity and smart home integration.


Overall, a 12-volt smart TV can be an excellent addition to RVs, boats, and other vehicles. It offers entertainment options while on the go, and with its smart TV features, you can enjoy the same streaming services you would at home.

When shopping for a 12-volt smart TV, be sure to consider the size, inputs and outputs, and brand features to ensure you get the best set for your needs. With a little research and planning, you can find the perfect TV to keep you entertained while on the go.