Are you tired of reviewing and deleting duplicated data from your Excel sheets? Well, fret not because we have got you covered with the easiest and quickest solutions to delete duplicates in Excel.

Firstly, let’s have a quick look at why duplicate data is an issue in Excel. Duplicate data can cause a lot of problems like incorrect calculations, errors in data analysis and eventually leads to inaccuracies in decision making. Therefore, it is important to detect and delete such data before you start working on your spreadsheets.

So here are some easy steps to help you delete duplicates in Excel:

1. Identify the column containing duplicating data:
Before you start, it is very important to identify the column or columns containing the duplicated data. This will help you in selecting the particular columns for identifying the duplicates.

2. Use Excel’s built-in function:
Excel provides you with an inbuilt function called ‘Remove Duplicates’. You can find this option in the ‘Data’ tab. Select the columns containing the duplicates and click on this button. Ensure that the ‘My data has headers’ checkbox is ticked if your data contains headings. Excel will then prompt you to select the columns to identify the duplicates and click ‘OK’ to remove them.

3. Use Conditional Formatting:
Conditional Formatting can help you detect duplicates in Excel. Select the range of cells containing data, go to ‘Home’ tab, and click on ‘Conditional Formatting’ and select ‘Highlight Cells Rules’. From here you can select ‘Duplicate Values’ and choose the format to highlight duplicates in your Excel sheet.

4. Advanced Filter:
Advanced Filter is another useful function in Excel that can help you delete duplicates. Go to ‘Data’ tab, select ‘Advanced Filter’ option, and choose the ‘Unique Records Only’ checkbox. This will help you select and delete duplicate data in Excel

5. Use VLOOKUP function:
VLOOKUP is a powerful Excel function that can help you detect and delete duplicates. Use the VLOOKUP formula to check for a match and delete the duplicate row.

In Conclusion,
Duplicate data is a common issue in Excel, and it is important to rectify such data before it causes any errors in your spreadsheet. With the methods discussed above, you can easily detect and delete duplicates in Excel. Optimize your data analysis with error-free and accurate Excel sheets.