If you are an avid crossword solver, you might have come across the clue “discount tag letters” in one of the puzzles. The answer to this clue is “IRREG,” which stands for “irregular.” In this article, we will discuss what discount tag letters are, their significance, and why they appear in crossword puzzles.

Discount tag letters are often found on clothing items that are sold at a discounted price. These letters indicate that the item is not a regular sale item and may have some defects or deviations from the usual quality standards. Retailers use these letters to differentiate between their regular priced and discounted items.

In clothing stores, items with discount tag letters are often kept separately in a discounted section or on a rack with other discounted items. Customers are drawn to these items because they are priced at a lower rate than the regular items, making them more affordable.

The significance of these letters in crossword puzzles is that they are a common crossword answer. Many crossword constructors use “IRREG” as a clue for discount tag letters, as it is a well-known abbreviation that fits well within the puzzle grid. Solvers who are familiar with this abbreviation are able to solve the puzzle more quickly and accurately.

In conclusion, discount tag letters are letters that indicate a discounted price on an item. They are popular in crossword puzzles, where they are often used as a clue for the abbreviation “IRREG.”