Final Fantasy 12 How Long to Beat: A Complete Guide

Final Fantasy is one of the most popular gaming franchises in the world, with Final Fantasy 12 being one of its most beloved titles. However, if you’re new to the game or want to do a replay, the question of how long to beat Final Fantasy 12 can have you stumped. Fear not, because this guide has got you covered.

The Main Game’s Length
Final Fantasy 12’s main game takes roughly 40-50 hours to complete. However, this might differ depending on how much exploring you do, how many side quests you choose to undertake, and the difficulty level you play on. Some players have also reported completing the game in under 30 hours, while others have taken over 100 hours. This means that while 40-50 hours is a good estimate, your mileage may vary.

DLC Content
Final Fantasy 12 also has two significant DLCs: The Zodiac Age and Revenant Wings. The Zodiac Age is a remastered edition of the game, with added features and gameplay improvements. It also has additional content, making it a more extended experience than the base game. If you want to explore every inch of Final Fantasy 12, the Zodiac Age DLC can add around 20-30 hours of gameplay. On the other hand, the Revenant Wings DLC is a standalone game that extends the story from Final Fantasy 12. This means that it will take roughly 20 hours to beat.

Tips and Tricks
If you’re looking to beat Final Fantasy 12 as quickly as possible, there are some tips and tricks you can use. Firstly, embrace the fast-forward button. Final Fantasy 12 has a feature that allows you to speed up gameplay, making your journey faster. Secondly, focus on the main story and leave side quests till later. This way, you’ll cut down on unnecessary time spent exploring. Lastly, make use of the game’s gambit system. The gambit system allows you to customize your AI-controlled characters’ actions, making battles quicker and easier.

In conclusion, Final Fantasy 12’s main game takes roughly 40-50 hours to complete, but it might differ depending on your playstyle. The Zodiac Age DLC can add roughly 20-30 hours of gameplay, while Revenant Wings will take roughly 20 hours to beat. Use the tips and tricks provided to make your journey smoother and more comfortable. Now, you know how long it takes to beat Final Fantasy 12 and can embark on your adventure with confidence!