Horizon Zero Dawn: How Long to Beat the Game?

Horizon Zero Dawn is an action RPG game that comes with a captivating storyline and fantastic graphics. Released in 2017, Guerrilla Games brought together a perfect blend of adventure, exploration, and role-playing into a single game. Gamers who are yet to play this title may be wondering; just how long does it take to beat Horizon Zero Dawn? In this article, we’ll answer that question, and we’ll also give you some tips to help you progress through the game.

Main Story Completion Time

Horizon Zero Dawn’s main storyline takes an average of 25 to 30 hours to complete. This time, however, may vary depending on the player’s gameplay style and the difficulty level selected. In contrast, those who opt to undertake side quests will increase their completion time considerably.

Completion Time with Side Quests

Horizon Zero Dawn offers incredible side quests that are worth exploring. The side quests in the game play a significant role in world-building and impart crucial information to the player, unlocking secret areas, hidden treasures, collectibles, and resources. The game offers approximately 20 to 30 side quests, and completing them will extend your gameplay by around 10 to 15 hours.

Expert Completion Time

The expert completion time in Horizon Zero Dawn can take up to 45 hours or more. It includes all side quests, collectibles, and a focus on exploring each region thoroughly. As an expert player, you’ll need to have skills, patience, and be able to strategize prudently to complete the game.

Tips for completing Horizon Zero Dawn:

– Focus on the main storyline. Completing the main storyline of Horizon Zero Dawn will help you acclimatize to the game’s mechanics, world exploration, and combat gameplay.

– Upgrade your weapon and skillsets. Upgrades are essential in the game, as they make your character stronger and able to defeat tougher enemies. Ensure that you spend a considerable amount of time upgrading your character’s abilities and weapons.

– Complete side quests. The side quests and errands in Horizon Zero Dawn are worth the time they take to complete. Not only do they help you gain rewards and valuable resources, but they also help you progress through the game by unlocking new regions and abilities.

– Take your time. Horizon Zero Dawn is a beautiful game with a fantastic storyline, so why rush through it? Take your time exploring the world, and don’t be afraid to get lost in the game. Enjoy the beautiful environments and well-written story.

In conclusion, Horizon Zero Dawn is a game with an intriguing storyline and exceptional graphics. The game can take anywhere from 25 to 45 hours to complete, depending on your gameplay style and how deeply you get involved in the game. Whether you’re a new gamer or an experienced one, you’ll love exploring the world of Horizon Zero Dawn. So go ahead, immerse yourself in this remarkable gameworld, and let the game transport you to another world.