How Long to Beat a Game: Tips to Plan Your Gameplays

Are you a hardcore gamer or a casual player wondering how long it would take to beat a game? Knowing the game’s playtime estimate can help you plan your time accordingly, avoiding disappointments and keeping your expectations in check. So, how long to beat a game? Let’s explore some tips to help you plan your gameplays.

1. Check Out Game Databases

Several video game databases offer estimated playtimes for different games. Websites like HowLongToBeat, GameFAQs, or Backloggd allow gamers to track their games and browse other users’ playtime data for thousands of titles. These websites gather anonymous user data from game libraries and generate averages for the main story mode, completionist missions, and other playstyles.

2. Take Your Playstyle into Account

Different gamers have different playstyles and goals, which can significantly affect the total playtime of a game. For example, a completionist player who aims to 100% a game’s achievement list might spend double or triple time compared to a casual player who only wants to finish the main story. Similarly, a player who enjoys exploration and side quests might take longer than a player who rushes through the critical path.

3. Beware of DLCs and Additional Content

Game publishers often release downloadable content (DLCs) or expansions that add extra hours of gameplay to the standard edition. Make sure to check if the game you’re playing has any DLCs included or planned, and factor them into your playtime estimate. Some DLCs can be brief and straightforward, while others can be as long as a full game.

4. Be Realistic and Flexible

While knowing a game’s playtime estimate can help you plan your gaming sessions, it’s essential to be realistic and flexible with your expectations. Many factors can influence your playing speed, such as your skill level, your familiarity with the game mechanics, or your overall gaming experience. Therefore, always expect some variations and don’t rush or force yourself to play faster or slower than you feel comfortable.

In conclusion, how long to beat a game depends on various factors, such as the game’s genre, your playstyle, the presence of DLCs, and your skill level. By checking out reliable game databases, taking your preferences into account, and being flexible with your expectations, you can plan your gameplays more efficiently and enjoyably. Happy gaming!

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