If you’re a fan of role-playing games, then you’ve probably come across Digital Devil Saga. This game was released back in 2004 and quickly gained a reputation as one of the best RPGs of its time. One question that many players have is how long it takes to beat Digital Devil Saga. In this article, we’ll take a look at the answer to this question.

Digital Devil Saga is known for its lengthy gameplay, so if you’re looking for a quick game to play, this might not be the one for you. The game has two parts, each lasting approximately 25-30 hours to complete. So, in total, it will take you around 50-60 hours to finish both parts.

However, the length of the game also depends on how you play. If you rush through the game and skip cutscenes and side quests, you might be able to complete it faster. On the other hand, if you take your time exploring the game world and completing additional missions, it could take you longer.

It’s also worth noting that Digital Devil Saga is a difficult game, so you may find yourself spending more time on certain parts than others. The game requires a lot of strategy and skill, so you’ll need to be patient and persistent to make it through.

In summary, if you’re interested in playing Digital Devil Saga, be prepared to invest around 50-60 hours of gameplay to complete both parts. Of course, this time can vary depending on how you play and how well you perform in the game’s challenging battles.

In conclusion, Digital Devil Saga is not a game for the faint of heart. It’s challenging, time-consuming, but also incredibly rewarding. If you’re up for the challenge and willing to invest the time, you’ll be rewarded with an unforgettable RPG experience.