Are you curious about how many hours you need to invest in playing Dragon Quest 11? If so, then you’re in the right place. Dragon Quest XI is an exceptional game and has found a vast audience globally. Suppose you’ve just purchased Dragon Quest XI, and you’re wondering exactly how much time you’ll need to beat the game, then keep on reading! We’ll help you figure out just how long it will take for you to beat Dragon Quest XI.

To start with, the main storyline of Dragon Quest 11 takes around 60-70 hours of gameplay to complete. This includes all of the significant events, boss battles, and cutscenes. However, if you are someone who likes to complete side quests, explore the open world, and do some grinding, the gameplay can take upwards of 100 hours.

Dragon Quest 11 is an RPG game. If you are familiar with RPGs, you would be aware that side quests and exploration are just as important as finishing the main storyline. Doing side quests and exploration enhances the overall gaming experience as it lets you discover more about the game world and its characters.

The gameplay length also has a lot to do with how fast you want to complete it. If you’re someone who likes to speedrun games, it could take under 30 hours to finish the game’s main storyline. However, if you’re someone who likes to take their time, it could take upwards of 100 hours.

Most importantly, it’s vital to remember that the length of the game can vary depending on your skills, play style, and difficulty level. If you’re playing Dragon Quest 11 for the first time, it may take you more time to master the game mechanics and complete it.

In conclusion, Dragon Quest 11 is a game that requires significant time investment to finish properly. If you want to complete the main storyline, it will take roughly 60-70 hours. If you want to explore more, do some leveling and complete side quests, it could take over a hundred hours. But remember, the most crucial point to note is to take the time to enjoy Dragon Quest 11, meet its characters, and explore its world.

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