How Long to Beat Dragon Quest 7: A Comprehensive Guide for Gamers

If you are a fan of RPG games, Dragon Quest 7 might have piqued your interest. This classic game was initially released in 2000, and it has managed to maintain its popularity over the years. One of the most commonly asked questions by gamers is, “how long does it take to beat Dragon Quest 7?” In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to help you determine how long it will take you to complete Dragon Quest 7.

The Basics of Dragon Quest 7:

Before we dive into the specifics of how long Dragon Quest 7 will take to beat, let’s first go over some basic information about the game. Dragon Quest 7 is a role-playing game that was developed by Square Enix. The game is set in the fictional world of Edrea, where you control a group of adventurers on a quest to restore lost continents. The game features turn-based battles and colorful graphics, providing a unique gameplay experience.

How Long to Beat Dragon Quest 7: The Main Story

The main storyline of Dragon Quest 7 is quite long and will take most gamers an average of 65-75 hours to complete. However, this time frame can vary significantly depending on your game skills, experience, and gameplay style. Players who prefer to grind for levels and take their time exploring the world may take much longer to complete the game. Similarly, if you rush through the game or skip cutscenes, you may be able to finish it much faster.

How Long to Beat Dragon Quest 7: Optional Content

In addition to the main story, Dragon Quest 7 also features several optional side quests and content. These include the Monster Park, Casino, and other mini-games. Including optional content, it may take you anywhere from 100-150 hours to complete Dragon Quest 7. The game provides you with numerous opportunities to level up your character, so the pace at which you progress through the game is entirely up to you.

How to Speed up Your Progress in Dragon Quest 7

If you are looking to speed up your progress through Dragon Quest 7, there are several tips to keep in mind. First of all, try to avoid grinding too much for levels. The game is not designed to require excessive grinding, and doing so may slow down your progress instead of speeding it up. Secondly, make sure to take advantage of the game’s fast travel system. This allows you to save time traveling back and forth between towns and other locations.


In conclusion, how long it takes to beat Dragon Quest 7 varies depending on your gameplay style and experience. On average, the main storyline takes around 65-75 hours to complete, while including optional content can take up to 100-150 hours. To speed up your progress through the game, avoid excessive grinding and take advantage of the fast travel system. Remember, the game is meant to be enjoyed, so take your time and explore the beautiful world of Edrea to its fullest.