If you’re planning on embarking on a gaming journey through Metro Exodus, chances are you’re wondering just how long it’s going to take you to complete the game. Fear not, as we’re here to answer your question on how long to beat Metro Exodus – and to give you all the essential information you need to optimize your gaming experience.

First things first, it’s worth mentioning that the length of time it’ll take you to beat Metro Exodus largely depends on how thoroughly you choose to explore the game’s beautiful, yet treacherous post-apocalyptic environments. If you’re happy to stick to the main storyline and complete the game without focusing on side missions or other optional content, you’ll be looking at roughly 15-20 hours of playtime.

However, if you want to fully immerse yourself in the world of Metro Exodus and take on all the challenges it has to offer, you’ll likely spend considerably more time playing. If you choose to complete side missions and fully explore each area of the game, including hunting for gear and scavenging for valuable resources, you can expect to spend up to 50 hours playing Metro Exodus.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that your choice of difficulty level will have a significant impact on how long it takes you to complete the game. If you choose to play on the hardest difficulty level, you’ll find that some sections of the game will take considerably longer to complete, thereby extending your overall playtime.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to breeze through the game as quickly as possible, playing on the easiest difficulty level is likely the way to go. While this will significantly reduce your overall playtime, keep in mind that it’ll also make the game’s challenges considerably easier to overcome.

Ultimately, how long to beat Metro Exodus depends on a number of factors, including your play style, difficulty level, and willingness to explore the game’s intricacies. Bear these factors in mind when embarking on your gaming journey, and you’re sure to make the most of this epic and immersive post-apocalyptic adventure.

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