Traveling the vast landscapes of Orsterra in Octopath Traveler is an epic adventure that leaves players wondering – just how long does it take to complete the game?

Octopath Traveler’s intricate storyline has eight characters each with their unique perspectives and quests in this turn-based RPG. With so much content, it is easy to get lost in the game’s world; that’s why we’re here to give you an in-depth look at how long it will take you to finish Octopath Traveler.

To start with, the length of this game will ultimately depend on how invested you are in completing every single task at your disposal. The minimum time to beat the main story campaign is around 40 hours. However, to achieve a higher completion ranking, it would take an estimated 80-100 hours of gameplay. This has given the game’s rating high marks for a long and enjoyable gameplay experience.

Some factors in completing this game successfully are understanding the mechanics of battling, proper equipment, understanding skills, and investing time in the characters’ storylines. A player’s strategy and mastery of the above components can reduce the total time taken to complete the game.

Not to mention, there are side quests available that will add to your playtime. Completing every quest in Octopath Traveler will increase the length of gameplay by an additional 30-40 hours. These quests contribute to valuable storylines in the game and typically reward players with rare equipment and powerful abilities, thus making them a vital part of the overall game experience.

It’s worth noting that the game’s new post-game content, released through updates, increases playtime even more. Players continuously receive new challenges and opportunities after completing the initial story quest and side quests. This will provide players with even more reasons to sink hours into the game even after completing it.

To sum up, it typically takes players 40-100 hours to complete the main storyline in Octopath Traveler. However, this can be stretched to a much more considerable number when considering side questing and new releases. Regardless, players can enjoy this game with either a long playtime or a shorter one while still receiving the full experience of Orsterra.