If you are a gaming enthusiast, you must have heard of The Outer Worlds. It is a popular role-playing game that was released in October 2019. The game is set in a fictional world and has gained widespread acclaim for its captivating storyline and engaging gameplay. However, one question that many players seem to have is, “how long does it take to beat The Outer Worlds?” In this article, we will explore various factors that determine the time it takes to complete the game.

The Outer Worlds is a vast game with multiple side quests and branching storylines. As such, the time it takes to beat the game varies depending on your playstyle and the choices you make. According to reports from players who have completed the game, the main storyline of The Outer Worlds takes between 15-25 hours to complete. However, if you plan on exploring every nook and cranny of the game, complete all side quests and delve into the various storylines, then the game can take up to forty hours to complete.

Another factor that determines the time it takes to complete The Outer Worlds is the level of difficulty you set. The game has several difficulty settings, ranging from story mode (easy) to supernova mode (hard). If you opt for a lower difficulty setting, the game will be easier to complete, and you will save time. On the other hand, playing on a higher difficulty level will increase the game’s challenge, which means that it will take longer to complete.

Apart from these factors, other gameplay mechanics can affect how long it takes to beat The Outer Worlds. For instance, the game allows players to fast travel to different locations, creating greater flexibility in exploring the game’s world. As such, if you rely heavily on fast travel, you are more likely to complete the game faster than someone who explores on foot.

In conclusion, how long it takes to beat The Outer Worlds varies depending on the player’s playstyle, difficulty settings, and other gameplay mechanics. Generally, the main storyline of the game takes between 15-25 hours to complete, although completing all side quests and storylines can take up to forty hours. Regardless of your preferred playstyle or how long it takes to complete the game, The Outer Worlds is a thrilling experience that every gamer should try.

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