If you’re a gamer, you must have heard about The Outer Worlds which is a first-person RPG game published by Private Division and developed by Obsidian Entertainment. The game was released on October 25, 2019, and since then, it has been popular among the gamers because of its excellent gameplay, compelling storyline, and immersive world.

One of the questions that gamers ask about The Outer Worlds is how long does it take to beat the game? Well, the answer to that question isn’t straightforward as it depends on different factors, such as the gaming platform, the difficulty level, and the playing style of the gamer.

According to the website HowLongToBeat, which is a platform that provides a rough estimation of how long it takes to complete a game, The Outer Worlds takes around 22 hours to beat the main story, around 33 hours for the main story and extra activities, and around 52 hours for completing the game with all its components.

However, these estimations are based on the average player, and they might not apply to everyone. If you’re playing on a harder difficulty level, it might take you longer to beat the game, and vice versa on a lower difficulty level. Likewise, if you rush through the game, you might be able to beat it faster than the estimated time, but if you explore and do side quests, it might take you longer.

Another factor that might affect the time you take to beat the game is the platform you’re playing on. If you’re playing on a PC or a gaming laptop, you might experience fewer loading times and better graphics compared to playing on an Xbox or PS4.

In conclusion, how long it takes to beat The Outer Worlds depends on several factors, and there is no fixed duration. However, if you’re playing normally and not rushing through the game, you can expect to take around 22 to 52 hours to beat the game fully. Happy gaming!

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