Are you curious about how long it takes to beat one of the most famous RPG games of all time? The Witcher series has been an all-time favorite for gamers who love an immersive, action-packed experience. However, your time is precious, and you might wonder how long it will take to complete The Witcher. So, how long to beat Witcher? Let’s explore!

The Witcher: Introduction

The Witcher is a video game franchise developed and published by CD Projekt Red. It is based on the stories of Andrzej Sapkowski’s protagonist, a Witcher, named Geralt of Rivia. The franchise features thrilling gameplay with a deep storyline, unique characters, and an expansive open-world environment that is sure to entertain RPG fans.

How long will it take to beat The Witcher?

One of the most common questions asked by Witcher fans is how long it will take to beat the game. The answer to this question depends on factors such as the type of gameplay and how much time you have.

For a completionist player who likes to explore everything, doing every quest, and enjoying the story in-depth, it might take around 200+ hours to complete the game. But for a player who is only interested in finishing the main story, it will take around 50-70 hours to complete.

It is worth mentioning that the gameplay duration of the Witcher might vary according to your skills and experiences. However, the game offers various difficulty levels, and you can choose the one that fits your skills the best.

How can you beat The Witcher faster?

If you want to complete the game faster, skipping optional quests and exploring less could be an option to consider. However, that might take away the charm of the game, and it wouldn’t be as immersive as it is supposed to be.

Instead, you can make your gameplay experience more efficient by leveling up your character quicker. You can achieve this by making use of the side quests, find and gather valuable resources, and earn experience points to level up your character and boost their abilities.


In summary, the amount of time taken to complete The Witcher series is subjective and varies from player to player. It is based on the type of game mode you choose and your level of expertise. However, for a completionist player, it might take more than 200+ hours, and for someone interested in completing the main story, it may take around 50-70 hours.

Therefore, the important thing is to enjoy the gameplay experience and immerse yourself in the vast open-world environment offered by The Witcher series. Happy gaming!

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