Are you planning to delete your Amazon account? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Deleting your Amazon account can be a simple process, but you need to be careful about the steps you take. In this article, we will guide you on how to delete Amazon account easily and quickly.

Step 1: Log in to Amazon account

The first step to delete your Amazon account is to log in to your account. Open your web browser and navigate to Enter your login details and click on the “Sign-In” button. Once you have successfully logged in, move to the next step.

Step 2: Go to your account settings

After logging in to your Amazon account, click on the “Accounts & Lists” button located at the top menu. Then, select the “Your Account” option from the drop-down list. Scroll down the page until you reach the “Settings” section.

Step 3: Delete your account

Under the “Settings” section, you will see different options. Click on the “Close Your Account” button. Amazon will then ask you the reason for closing your account. Select any relevant option and choose to “Close Your Account”. Amazon will then confirm that your account has been closed permanently.

Keep in mind that once you delete your Amazon account, you will lose all your purchase history, saved addresses, and other personal information. Also, Amazon may take some time to process your request, so it’s best to check back after a couple of days.


In conclusion, deleting your Amazon account is a simple process that can be done in a matter of minutes. However, make sure you understand the consequences before you proceed with the deletion process. If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to contact Amazon customer support for further assistance. We hope this article has helped you in understanding how to delete Amazon account.