iPhones are popular for their wide-range of apps and user-friendly interface. However, over time our iPhones can get cluttered with too many apps, and we might want to delete a few of them to improve phone speed and free up space. In this article, we are going to guide you through the steps to delete an app on your iPhone.

Step One: Locate the app to delete
The first step to delete an app on an iPhone is to locate it. If you use grid-view, find the app by swiping through the pages of your home screen. If you use list-view, go to the App Library or wherever the app is located. Once you locate the app, press and hold the app’s icon until the app icons begin to jiggle.

Step Two: Delete the app
Once the app icons begin to jiggle, select the “X” button that appears at the top left corner of the app icon. You will then be presented with a confirmation message asking if you want to delete the app. Press the “Delete” button to delete the app from your iPhone.

Step Three: Remove the app from iCloud (optional)
Once you have deleted the app, it’s no longer on your phone, but it may still be stored in iCloud. To free up more iCloud storage space and remove the app from all your iOS devices, you can also delete the app from iCloud. To do this, go to the “Settings” app, then click on your Apple ID, select “iCloud,” and finally select “Manage Storage.” Find the app you want to delete and swipe left, then select “Delete.”

Final thoughts
Deleting an app on the iPhone is simple and easy. It’s a quick fix for freeing up space and decluttering your phone. Now that you know how to delete an app on your iPhone, you can do it regularly to keep your phone running smoothly. By taking a few moments from time to time to remove unnecessary apps, you’ll keep your iPhone operating efficiently and ensure that you have enough space for the apps you use regularly.