Apple TV is an excellent streaming device that can offer endless entertainment. However, after a while, you may find that you have too many apps on your Apple TV. You may want to uninstall some of them to free up some space or simply declutter the interface. This article will guide you through the process of deleting apps on Apple TV.

Step 1: Click and hold the app icon

The first step to deleting an app on Apple TV is to locate the app on your home screen. Use the Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote to highlight the app icon you want to remove. Then, click and hold the icon until it starts to wobble.

Step 2: Press the Play/Pause button

Once the app starts to wobble, use the Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote to press the Play/Pause button. A menu will appear with several options, including “Delete.”

Step 3: Choose Delete

Use the Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote to select “Delete”. If you have enabled restrictions on your Apple TV, you will be prompted to enter the passcode.

Step 4: Confirm the deletion

After selecting “Delete,” a confirmation message will appear. Use the Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote to select “Delete” again to confirm the deletion of the app.

Step 5: Remove the app from the purchased list

If you want to remove the app completely from your Apple TV, you will need to remove it from your purchased list. To do this, go to the App Store and select “Purchased.” Find the app you want to delete, and swipe left on the trackpad. Select “Hide” to remove the app from your purchased list.


Deleting apps on Apple TV is a straightforward process that can help you declutter your home screen and free up space on your device. Follow the steps outlined in this article to delete unwanted apps from your Apple TV. It’s a great way to streamline your entertainment experience and make the most of your device.