If you’re an Apple Watch user, you might want to delete apps from your device for various reasons. Maybe you’ve downloaded and installed some useless apps that you never use or need, and now you’re looking to free up some space on your watch. Or maybe you’re facing performance issues on your Apple Watch, and deleting unused apps might help in optimizing its speed and performance.

In this article, we’ll guide you on How to delete apps on your Apple Watch without any hassle.

Steps for Deleting Apps on Apple Watch:

1. Access the Home screen on your Apple Watch:

The first step is to access the home screen on your Apple watch, which is where all the apps are installed. You can do this by simply pressing the digital Crown button on the side of your Apple Watch, which will reveal all the apps on the screen.

2. Long-press the app you want to delete:

Once you have accessed the App’s home screen, find the app you want to delete and long-press on it until it starts to wiggle. Once the app starts to wiggle, you can release your finger.

3. Tap the ‘x’ button:

After pressing the app and waiting for it to wiggle, you’ll see a small ‘X’ button on the top left corner of the app icon. Tap on the ‘X’ button, and it will prompt you to confirm whether you want it to be deleted or not.

4. Confirm the Deletion:

Once you have tapped the ‘X’ button, you’ll be asked to confirm your decision by tapping the ‘Delete’ button. So, click on “Delete,” and the app will be removed from your Apple Watch.

5. Repeat the process for other apps:

You can repeat the same process for other apps you want to delete from your Apple Watch.


We hope this article has helped you understand how to delete apps on the Apple Watch. It is a very straightforward and easy process that you can follow swiftly. So, if you’re looking to free some space on your Apple Watch or improve its performance, deleting unwanted apps is a great option. Just make sure you don’t delete any of the useful apps necessary for your daily routine.