Are you tired of seeing targeted ads and feeling like your online activity is being tracked? One way to take control of your privacy is by clearing your cookies. In this article, we’ll show you how to delete cookies on Android.

What are cookies?

First, let’s understand what cookies are. Cookies are small files stored on your device by websites you’ve visited. They contain information such as your login details, preferences, and site activity. Cookies help websites remember you and your preferences, making your browsing experience smoother. However, they also allow websites to track your activity and serve you targeted ads.

How to delete cookies on Android

1. Open your browser

The first step is to open the web browser on your Android device. This could be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or another browser you have installed.

2. Go to browser settings

Next, tap on the three-dot icon in the top right corner of your browser. This should open a drop-down menu. From the menu, select “Settings.”

3. Find privacy settings

Once you’re in the Settings menu, look for the option that says “Privacy” or “Security.” This may differ depending on your browser.

4. Clear cookies

In the Privacy or Security settings, you should see an option to “Clear browsing data” or “Clear cache.” Select this option and make sure the “Cookies and site data” box is checked. You can also choose to clear other data such as browsing history and passwords.

5. Confirm deletion

Finally, tap on “Clear data” or similar language to confirm that you want to delete the cookies from your Android device.


Clearing your cookies is a simple way to take control of your online privacy. By following these steps, you can delete cookies on Android and prevent websites from tracking your activity. Remember to regularly clear your cookies to keep your browsing experience private.