Are you tired of receiving annoying Game Pigeon requests on your iPhone? Worry not, as deleting the Game Pigeon app is a quick fix. Follow the easy steps below, and you’ll be free from Game Pigeon forever!

Step 1: Locate the Game Pigeon app on your iPhone

The first step to deleting the Game Pigeon app is to locate it on your iPhone. The app is in the iMessage App Store and can be accessed by tapping the App Store icon within your message thread.

Step 2: Press and hold the Game Pigeon app icon

Once you have located the Game Pigeon app, press and hold the app icon until it starts to wiggle. You will also see an “x” mark appear in the corner of the app icon.

Step 3: Delete the Game Pigeon app

To delete the Game Pigeon app from your iPhone, click on the “x” mark, and you will receive a confirmation prompt. Click “Delete,” and the Game Pigeon app will vanish from your iPhone.

Bonus tip: Delete All Game Pigeon games

If you have multiple Game Pigeon games on your iPhone, you don’t have to delete them one by one. Instead, click on the “Game Pigeon” icon within your iMessage thread, select the menu, and choose the “More” option. Here, you can select and delete all Game Pigeon games on your iPhone.

In conclusion, getting rid of the Game Pigeon app from your iPhone is a quick and easy process. Follow the simple steps above, and you’ll have a clean iPhone with no more Game Pigeon requests.