Are you tired of the clutter on your Google Photos app? Or maybe you want to get rid of some embarrassing pictures that you no longer want to be associated with? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Here’s a guide on how to delete Google Photos quickly and efficiently.

Firstly, you need to open the Google Photos app on your phone or tablet. Then, select the photo or the album that you want to delete. You can do this by tapping on it and holding it down for a couple of seconds. Once you have selected the photo, a checkmark or tick mark will appear on it, indicating that it is marked for deletion.

If you want to delete multiple photos or an entire album, swipe across the photos or albums that you want to delete, and then tap on the trash bin icon located at the top right corner of the app. Confirm that you want to delete the selected items by tapping on the “Delete” option, and you’re done!

Now, what if you want to delete a photo permanently and not just remove it from your Google Photos app? In that case, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Go to the Google Photos website on your computer or laptop.

2. Select the photo or album that you want to delete.

3. Click on the three-dot menu icon located in the top right corner of the photo or album.

4. Select “Delete from Google Photos” from the options that appear.

5. Confirm that you want to permanently delete the selected item by clicking “Delete.”

And that’s it! Your selected photos or albums will be deleted permanently from Google Photos.

However, keep in mind that deleting photos from Google Photos doesn’t necessarily delete them from the device’s gallery or camera roll. If you want to delete them from your device, you will have to do that separately.

In conclusion, getting rid of unwanted or unnecessary photos on Google Photos is a quick and easy process. Just follow the steps mentioned above, and you’ll have a cleaner, more organized gallery to enjoy.