As we all know, voicemail is a feature on mobile phones and landlines that enables individuals to leave pre-recorded voice messages when it’s not possible to answer a phone call. Voicemails are undoubtedly useful but can become cluttered and frustrating to manage when they accumulate. Deleting unwanted voicemails is vital to have a well-organised phone inbox. But, how to delete voicemail? Here’s all you need to know.

Step 1: Access Your Voicemail Inbox

To get started with deleting unwanted voicemails, the first step is to access your voicemail inbox. On most Android and iPhone devices, you can access your voicemail inbox by pressing and holding the ‘1’ button on your device’s keypad. This option will redirect you to your voicemail inbox.

Step 2: Choose the Voicemail You Want to Delete

Once you have accessed the voicemail inbox, you should listen to each voicemail and choose the ones you would like to delete. You can select a voicemail by tapping on the message and holding it briefly.

Step 3: Delete the Voicemail

After selecting the voicemail(s) you want to delete, look for the ‘delete’ option usually found by swiping left or right on the voicemail. Alternatively, look for a trash bin or delete button/icon, depending on your device. Click on this option to delete the voicemail.

Step 4: Confirm the Deletion

Finally, just like when you delete pictures or messages on your phone, the process is not complete until you confirm and ’empty the trash bin.’ So, if you have deleted the voicemail, don’t forget to go to the trash folder and empty the bin to complete the process.


Deleting unwanted voicemail is an easy and quick process. With just a few simple steps, your voicemail inbox can be organised, making it easier to manage voicemails in the future. Keep your voicemail inbox clean and clear for more efficient usage. Follow these steps on how to delete voicemail, and you will soon have a well-organised inbox!