As the Summer Olympics Gear up for Tokyo this year, one name that’s decidedly missing from the USA Men’s basketball team is none other than Steph Curry. Widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, the Golden State Warrior’s star has been absent from the squad for several years now, leading fans and analysts alike to wonder just why he hasn’t joined forces with his fellow American teammates on the global stage.

Despite the vocal support of fans and even some of his most talented peers, it seems that Curry himself has always been hesitant to commit to Team USA. In 2016, the point guard opted to skip the Rio Games, citing a series of injuries and the stress of competing for his NBA team throughout the year. But even with Curry sitting out, the US team still managed to clinch its third consecutive Olympic gold medal, with stars like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving leading the charge.

However, some experts and fans feel that there may be other, more personal reasons behind Curry’s decision to stay off the Olympic roster. With the athlete known for his strong family ties and his commitment to causes like education and social justice, some speculate that he may simply prefer to spend his time off the court working towards causes that are close to his heart.

Others have pointed out that the rigorous NBA season may simply take too much of a toll on players, making them less likely to want to compete in a high-intensity international tournament just months after finishing a grueling regular schedule. With the COVID-19 pandemic still looming large, the NBA season has been more condensed than ever before, potentially making it even harder for American players to stay healthy and perform at their best in the Olympics.

Whatever the reasons behind Steph Curry’s absence from Team USA, it’s clear that the basketball world still has a great deal of respect for his immense talent and skill on the court. And while fans may be disappointed not to see him representing the US in Tokyo this year, there’s no doubt that the Olympic basketball tournament will still be a thrilling and high-stakes event for all involved.